Železná únia 1921

Civic Association The Iron Union 1921 was founded in the beginning of 2013. The name is distinctive. 1921 is the founding of football in Senica, the name Iron Union is also historically the first name of football Senice. The Union, according to the founders, also means a combination of several organizations, several fan groups. Iron means this puto is solid.

March 24, 2013 - First General Assembly of Iron Union 1921

FK Senica fans have all the official steps behind. They received certified statutes from the ministry, the tax office gave them their ID, and on Sunday, March 24th, they chose the chairman, the two vice-chairmen and the executive committee. At the first general meeting in the barracuda restaurant there were almost 30 Senice fans. The fan club has agreed to a member who has set at € 12 for a calendar year and has set a schedule for the Spring Corgoň league.

Basic information

  • Chairman: Martin Chocholáček
  • Vice-chairman: Peter Mikulka
  • Vice-chairman: Aleš Lazorčák
  • Manciple: Ján Lazorčák
  • Others members of the Executive selection: Pavol Pánik, Juraj Bíba, Marcel Geschwandtner, Rastislav Chrenko
  • Jumper: František Šteffek

Recent news
Points shared against ViOn

Points shared against ViOn

12.12. | Redakce
Despite good performance against leader lost

Despite good performance against leader lost

29.11. | Redakce
Clean sheet and three points against Michalovce

Clean sheet and three points against Michalovce

21.11. | Redakce

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