Stadium owner: OMS ARENA Senica, a.s.

Adress: Sadová ulica 639/22, 905 01  Senica
The stadium was opened in October 1962, partially renovated June - July 2009, complete reconstruction of the play area May - July 2010.
Latitude: 48°41'1.88"S
Longitude: 17°22'22.29"V
Height above sea level:201 m.n.m.

Seats by sector

  • Sector A: VIP Sector 241 places; tribune A: 201 places
  • Sector B: 1 116 seats + 211 seats
  • Sector C: 1,656 places
  • Sector D1 - D3: 850 seats
  • Sector hosts, D4: 225 seats (variable, possibility to extend up to 980 seats)

Total: 4 500 seats, out of which: 211
Camera system: functional, delivery date May 2010.
Turnstile and Ticket System: Functional, deadline for submission June 2016
Lighting: 1 545 lux.
Parking places outside the campus: approx. 500 seats.
Parking spaces at the stadium: 100 cars and 2 buses.
Number of entrances: 6 (of which 2 for the guest sector).
Cashier number: 4.


Main play area: 105 x 68 m, automatic irrigation, functional drainage system, lawn heating
Artificial grass: dimension 104 x 69.5 m, artificial lighting
Training ground: Senica - size 104 x 68 m, automatic irrigation, Čáčov - 105 m x 67 m

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Three points after two goals in second half

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Clean sheet and three points against AS Trencin

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