Tickets and season tickets

Where and how do I buy tickets for the match?

Unless the club stipulates otherwise, the tickets for the Fortuna League and Slovnaft Cup can be bought at all ticket offices in the Senica football stadium for 1.5 hours. before the start of the match. With the anticipated increased interest in tickets as well as in European Cups, the club sells tickets for sale. This is usually the day or two before the expected match. FK Senica responds to ticket requests individually, and on its website www.fksenica.eu it is always timely to announce whether tickets will be pre-solded. Increased interest in tickets is usually at the derby of the Senica - Myjava or Senica - Skalica meetings, but even though Trnava, Slovan Bratislava or the European League duels are coming to Záhorie.

How much does a ticket cost? Does the club provide any discount (ZŤP, children, retirees, etc.)?

Entrance fee for the Fortuna League and the Slovnaft Cup
Stands C,B,D:4 EUR
Stand A:6 EUR
Stand E:2 EUR
Stand D4 (away sector):4 EUR,  or individually in agreement with the club

The prices of the tickets for the European Cup matches are determined individually by FK Senica.

Disabled with Disability (ZŤP-S) have access to all FK Senica matches for free. Children under the age of 15, retired, women and ZTP can buy for 2 euros for the matches of the Fortuna League and the Slovnaft Cup, on B, C and D.

Can I leave the stadium after buying the ticket and then return to the same ticket?

Not. If you buy a ticket, go through a check and head to the stadium area, then leave the stadium and you will want to get back in a few minutes, you must buy a new ticket.

How much does a seasonal ticket cost?

Permanent sales are always in front of the season. Permanents are paid for the entire season of the Fortuna League (spring and autumn) and also for the Slovnaft Cup. European Cups do not pay for the matches. In the C, B and D tribune, the season ticket is 40 EUR, and the tribune is 70 EUR. Members of the fanclub Železná únia 1921 can buy a ticket at 20 euros, but only on the tribune B.

What to do if you lose a season ticket?

When you lose your tickets, you need to report to the club the place and advice of the lost ticket. The club then blocks a lost pass. After checking all the data, it will then issue a new one. A fan does not have to pay a new ticket. It pays only EUR 1.50 for new production. If you lose tickets, write to andrea.filova@fksenica.eu.

Visit the match

Where is the football stadium FK Senica?

Football stadium FK Senica is located near the city center, near Sotina. There are a number of parking spaces in the area.

Adress: Sadová ulica 639/22, 905 01 Senica

Latitude: 48°41'1.88"S
Height above sea level: 201 m.n.m.

How do match entries work?

The individual sectors are separated from one another. In practice, this means that you can not move from sector to sector before and during a match. It is therefore necessary to enter the stadium area with the appropriate gateway (entrance). The sectoral label on the ticket must match the gateway designation.

Which items are forbidden to wear on the stadium?

According to point 2.1 of the organizational code available on the website in the category of the Organizational Code, it is forbidden to enter the premises of the FK:

  • Firearms and other weapons and objects that can make a stronger attack on the body (eg daggers, cords, knives, bayonets, sticks, sticks, batons, bottles, chairs, stands, umbrellas, motorcycle helmets ..)
  • Explosives and other pyrotechnic articles

    Sprays, corrosive, flammable and coloring matter or other health-damaging substances

    Alcoholic beverages if the municipality has issued a ban on the sale, supply or consumption of alcoholic beverages at the event

    Drugs or other narcotics

    State symbols of foreign states or their predecessors

    Racist, vulgar, defamatory and good morals, contradicting banners, leaflets, and other promotional materials

    Mechanically driven machines and tools causing noise

    The animals

    Laser pointers and other objects whose light and other radiation negatively affect participants, including athletes and referees

What capacity does the stadium have and how many places are covered?

Total capacity of the stadium: 5 070, of which 300 seats are not covered

  • Sector A (covered): 432 seats + Press 25 + TV 6 + VIP 63
  • Sector B (covered): 1 018 seats
  • Sector C (covered): 1 506 seats
  • Sektor D1 - D3 (krytý): 755 seats
  • Away sector, D4 (krytý): 225 seats (variable, the ability to expand up to 980 seats)
  • Sector E: 300 seats


Where can I buy souvenirs FK Senica?

Club presentations can be bought at the Pucosport partner store in the city center. Also directly at the FK Senica stadium during the Championship matches.

How to become member of fanclub Železná únia 1921

If you want to become a member of the fanclub Železná únia 1921, just write to zeleznaunia1921@gmail.com. Fan management will then send you the application. After completing and paying an annual member of € 12 you become a full member of the fanclub Železná únia 1921. The member can then use the discount and benefits package from FK Senica.

Can I use the FK Senica logo?

Logo FK Senica can be used for private and promotional purposes. You can not use the logo for commercial purposes.

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