We smashed Trenčín with four goals

We smashed Trenčín with four goals

27.04.2019 | Igor Tabiš

We also won three points in the 6th round of the Fortuna League relagation group.

28.round, Saturday 27.4.2019, 17:00
FK Senica FK Senica
Trenčín Trenčín
FK Senica: Taborda - Krč, Kay, Dias, Asmah, Petshi, El Moudane, Tešija (70. Dangubič), Klapan (89. Otrísal), Castaňeda (83. Zezinho), Ramirez
Trenčín: Šemrinec - Skovajsa, Julien (68. Kvocera), Kleščík, Zubairu, Yem, Čatakovič, Sleegers (46. Paur), Bukari, Roguljič (46. Corryn), Van Arnhem

Goals: 12. Castaňeda, 67. Tešija, 90. Ramirez, 90.+ Petshi

Yellow cards: 20. Ramirez, 53. Kay - 45. Zubairu, 74. Van Arnhem

Referees: Kružliak - Somoláni, Bednár

Diváci: 742

Managers quoats

Ricardo Chéu (coach of FK Senica): "The only words that are currently coming to my mind is that work is our best friend. We worked hard, it is the same as it was before five games. We were in the last place and all of us seeing us in the second league. Only my players believed we could do it, now everyone trusts us, I never give up, we create the same number of chances, as well as at the beginning of the spring season, but now we can make the most of it. The team that plays good football and believes that every single game can be won, Trencin held the ball more on its footballs in today's match, we knew about their quality, and at the same time it was a very young team. We know that if we close certain spaces on the field, we will win today's match, and Trencin deserved to score for today's performance, but that is football." 

Matthias Kohler (coach of AS Trencin): "Congratulations to Senica on earning three points. It was a very bad game from various aspects on our part. We have to be critical of each other. I have full responsibility for the tactical decisions I made in the game. we have to be sure what duties he has towards our club, we have four games left, we have to show more character and passion in the games. We have to live football in the coming weeks."
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