Three points on Spartak´s pitch, Dias exact header decided

Three points on Spartak´s pitch, Dias exact header decided

20.04.2019 | Igor Tabiš

In the 5th round of the superstructure of the Fortuna League Group we maintained three points on Spartak Trnava pitch.

27.round, Saturday 20.4.2019, 17:00
FC Spartak Trnava FC Spartak Trnava
FK Senica FK Senica
FC Spartak Trnava: Bolek - Hing-Glover, Abena, Janečka, Lovat, Sloboda, Markoski, Grendel, Pekár (59. Rada), Čonka (80. Ashiru), Yilmaz (87. Tavares)
FK Senica: Taborda - Dias, Kay, Krč, Klapan, Zezinho, Tešija (71. Petshi), Asmah (66. Deretti), Dubois, Castaňeda (80. Atkinson), Ramirez.

Goals: 79. Dias

Yellow cards: 33. Grendel - 15. Ramirez, 35. Dubois, 47. Asmah, 84. Deretti, 86. Klapan

Red cards: 90. Grendel (po druhej ŽK)

Referees: Glova - Tomčík, Borsányi

Diváci: 1857

Managers quoats

Michal Ščasný (FC Spartak Trnava coach): "I can only agree with Senica coach. It was a match of two different half-times. We spent the first half sleeping, we were not aggressive and concentrated. We entered better in the second half - movement and combination. Today one set pieces decide the game." Ricardo Chéu (coach of FK Senica): "Today we played against a big team. It was a very difficult match for both teams because we played against each other during the week in the league cup. We were a better team in the opening thirty minutes of the match, then home was better, and in the second half, Trnava started to play better, so we had to run a lot more on the field, we had to adjust and change the system. Today, he has won the team that wanted to win and managed better personal fights, an important victory for us, closer to our goal set before the spring season. I want to wish a good luck to Spartak in the final of Slovnaft Cup "
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