In the last match of the season, the tightest loss against Podbrezová

In the last match of the season, the tightest loss against Podbrezová

24.05.2019 | Igor Tabiš

Our winning line of seven matches ended in the last round of Podbrezova.

32.round, Friday 24.5.2019, 19:00
FK Železiarne Podbrezová FK Železiarne Podbrezová
FK Senica FK Senica
FK Železiarne Podbrezová: Vantruba - Viazanko, Kiwior, Oravec, Mejri (72. Skiba), Pavúk (82. Mojžiš), Paraj, Galčík, Ďatko (63. Halgoš), Špyrka, Leško
FK Senica: Vorel - Krč (89. Martišiak), Dias, Vukovič (70. Asmah), Otrísal, Caro (56. Meliš), Totka, Tešija, Zezinho, Dangubič, Ségbé

Goals: 51. Pavúk

Yellow cards: 78. Paraj - 45. Tešija, 78. Dias 

Referee: Kráľovič - Tomčík, Čajka

Diváci: 482

Managers quoats

Vladimír Veselý (coach FK Železiarne Podbrezová): "We are very pleased that we have managed to won this match and said goodbye to our fans. Today, there were a number of young players who were a little nervous in the starting eleven. The first half was Senica's opportunities, we were late everywhere. The second half was better, we wanted to play on the wings, we have fast players there, we managed to score, I would like to dedicate this victory to our fans, who were great and stood with us during the whole season. " Ricardo Chéu (coach of FK Senica): "It is very demanding if it comes to losing after seven matches. Podbrezová has put everything into this match. After the first half we could win, we had a lot of opportunities. But that is football. The next thing we can do is to start preparing for the new season, and the positive thing about today's game is that the players from U19 was given the chance - Totka and Caro was in starting eleven. Meliš and Martišiak played also. We are looking at our project, we want to get him to the next level with talented players from our academy. I wish Podbrezová good luck in the new season."
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