Four goals against Nitra and second victory in a row

Four goals against Nitra and second victory in a row

13.04.2019 | Igor Tabiš

In the 4th round of the superstructure part of the Fortuna League, we take three points against Nitra on the home pitch.

26.round, Saturday 13.4.2019, 17:00
FK Senica FK Senica
Nitra Nitra
FK Senica: Taborda - Krč, Dias, Kay, Klapan, Asmah (82. Zezinho), El Moudane, Tešija, Dangubič (63. Deretti), Castaňeda (85. Ségbé), Ramirez
Nitra: Pindroch - Šurnovský (54. Kuník), Niba, Sokovič (81. Vrábel), Bilovský, Chovanec, Šimončič, Gatarič, Farkaš, Charizopulos, Chobot (54. Vestenický)

Goals. 8. Kay, 25. Asmah, 50. El Moudane, 80. Castaňeda - 57. Vestenický

Yellow cards: 51. Krč - 45. Farkaš, 66. Kuník, 88. Šimončič

Referees: Ziemba - Hrčka, Kováč

Managers quoats

Ricardo Chéu (coach of FK Senica): "We deserved this victory. We played better, we created more goals than our opponents. We are no better than at the beginning of the spring when we were playing against strong opponents. We are the same team, with the same players and the same coach. As hard as we did at the beginning, we believed that after losing we could change everything with hard work, and we scored seven goals in the last two matches. I believe, with this attitude we can stay in this league." 

Michal Kuruc (coach of FC Nitra): "Senica has won today deservedly, outnumbered us by standards, concentration and aggression. Today it was our biggest weakness. Today we played like we trained whole week."
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