First spring victory, at Myjava we beat Trenčín

First spring victory, at Myjava we beat Trenčín

06.04.2019 | Igor Tabiš

In the 3rd round of the Fortuna League relegation Group´s we managed to earned three points against Trenčín.

25.round, Saturday 6.4.2019, 17:00
Trenčín Trenčín
FK Senica FK Senica
Trenčín: Chudý - Yem, Mašovič, Kleščík (21. Pišoja, 54. Sleegers), Slávik, Čatakovič, Zubairu, Roguljič, Corryn (41. Van Arnhem), Paur, Bukari
FK Senica: Taborda - Krč, Dias, Kay, Asmah, Klapan, El Moudane, Tešija (90.+ Dubois), Dangubič (73. Ségbé), Castaňeda (84. Zezinho), Ramirez

Goals: 71. Sleegers, 83. Čatakovič - 27. Ramirez, 36. Kay (11m), 49. Dangubič

Yellow cards: 35. Mašovič, 54. Paur - 74. Asmah, 81. Taborda

Referees: Kružliak - Vorel, Chládek

Diváci: 298

Managers quoats

Matthias Kohler (coach of AS Trencin): "In the first twenty-five minutes we controlled the match. We made three big chances, we could score. After a few minutes we lost a very important player in the match, there was a nervousness on the court, we had a very young team, we managed to score a goal in the second half, you could see what he gave to our the team's energy." 

Ricardo Chéu (coach of FK Senica): "We knew that we had a tough game against a good opponent. Today we came up with a different strategy, we played well in the last games, but we didn't win. Trencin was better in the last twenty minutes, we were better seventy minutes, we deserved this victory, we made a lot of chances in the match, and Taborda help us twice, we were worried about winning in the last few minutes, we must control these situations better. "
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