Captain regrets the bad start to the new season. Roberto Dias: We can play better

Captain regrets the bad start to the new season. Roberto Dias: We can play better

04.09.2019 | Igor Tabiš

We used the international break for an interview with Robert Dias, the captain of FK Senica, with whom we talked about the opening of the new league year.

"The first matches did not reflect, what we are capable of. Of course, we have to play more consistently and more balanced during the 90 minutes. I perceive our peformances so far disappointing until that moment, for all expectations we had before the start of the new season," open our interview captain of FK Senica Roberto Dias

In first seven league matches we collect four points, we won one match - it was oppening game of the season against AS Trenčín (3:1). "We have a very young team, i feel that i need to take responsibility in this phase that we are going thourgh right now. But we must continue and i believe, that we can go through this," said Brazilian centre-back.

Before the international break we played against MŠK Žilina away from home. In the end, it was the highest loss in this season. We lost by five goals - excatly the same, that we did last season against same opponent. "It was a very bad result. I lost this way twice in my career - in both case it was against Žilina. Maybe if we scored a goal from our chances, the game will be the different. In football, however, a goals counts only if the ball goes beyond the goal line," said Roberto Dias.

During the summer break a lot of familiar faces leave our team, the average age of our team is now 23 years. Brazilian footballer, which is playing with number 23 is in our team most experienced player. Before the start of the season he decided to extend his contract with our club by one year. "I decided to stay because i feel very good here. I know i can help a club in a lot of ways and I also believe in this project here," explaing a native from Sao Paolo. 

In the last season he became a top league goalscorer of our team. All six goals he scored by header after set pieces. In the new season he is still waiting for his first league goal: "Im looking forward to this moment again, but I would rather expect wins than my goals." 

In the last season Roberto Dias scored six goals.

In current season we can found in our dressing room a four Brazilian players, alongside Roberto Dias also three new summer signings - Joao Favaro, Gustavo Cascardo, Madison: "I feel comfortable in the club regardless of nationality. Of course it is much easier for me with the people who speak the same language and are from same culture."

Experienced defender became our new captain before the start of this season. What does it mean to Brazilian footballer to be a captain of the team, that is not from Brazil?:  "This is a great pleasure for me, i was captain in many team in Brazil, but lead another team outside my country is very rewarding."

The biggest city in Brazil exchanged for a quiet town in region of "Záhorie". A home away for a thousand of kilometers, different culture or language. Despite this, Brazilian footballer likes Slovakia: "I am completely adapted to the country, i like to be here. In my free time, im trying to enjoy my home a lot. I am a quieter person who enjoys the moments at home a lot."

According to a 31-year-old footballer, the recipe for success in this season is simple: "We need to start scoring goals and earning points as soon as possible. Only by this way we can compete for top six in the table," said Roberto Dias.

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