Sofian El Moudane: First six is possible, but without hard work and sacrifice it wont happend

Sofian El Moudane: First six is possible, but without hard work and sacrifice it wont happend

06.10.2019 | Igor Tabiš

Sofian El Moudane was one of the main character on the pitch of 11th round against FC Nitra.

Under Zobor, he was at everything important on the pitch. He set up the first goal, second goal of the game he scored by himself and before the third goal he give assist to his teammate Didiba. It was his match.

"Of course, it is nice to have a good individual performance. But football is a team sport and the most important is the team performance. I don´t think it was my best match for Senica. The most important thing is winning match," told after match against FC Nitra Sofian El Moudane.

We entered well to the 11th round match against our table neighbor. In the 11th minute, Sadam Sulley scored his first league goal for FK Senica. After half an hour we led by two-goal difference, Castaňeda pass the ball to El Moudane in the opponent box and shoot from our player ended in the net.

"I think we played our best match. We started very aggressively, we won a lot of second balls and we were effective. We made several mistakes, but nothing is perfect in football, so we need to work on ourselves constantly," says the footballer with the number 27.

Last season, native of Saint-Étienne played in position numbex six, and in the current season he has more offensive tasks in the middle of the field under the coach of Michal Ščasný: "I like to play in this new position, I feel good.. But I still have a long way to improve in that position and become a more complete footballer."

At the beginning of the season we were not able to continue in performances from second half of last season. After three points gained in the first round of the league, we added another three-point entry to the table only in the 10th round. "It is true that many new players have joined the team during the summer - especially young footballers. We must be patient. I think the top six is possible but we must be aware that we need to work hard again and make a lot of sacrifice to get to that," said French footballer.

Sofian El Moudane came to our club last season during the winter break. He previously trained with the club for two weeks and also intervened in the preparatory match against Sereď. He succeeded in his trial at our club and so became the club´s first winter signing. In the beginning he only communicated in French, he did not respond to English questions very much. Nowadays he can handle post-match interview in English.

"I arrived here it was difficult for me. On the field it is important to be able to communicate with the coach and the players. In a first time, the club put English lessons available for players and then in a second time I learned very quickly because I was lucky to have French players with me who talk to them very well English, Sacha Petshi and Desire. These two players help me a lot when I arrive here," saying the footballer of FK Senica.

April 2019 entered to the life of French footballer in indelible letters. During this month he became a father when his son Aymen was born: "I am very happy today. My son is in good health, I thank God every day as well as my wife because she helps me enormously every day. Having a child is not easy every day, a lot of responsibility but it´s the most wonderful thing I´ve had until now."

Asked if the son will one day continue his father´s footsteps, Sofian replies as follows: "I don´t know if my son will one day become a footballer. Only God knows what fate awaits him. One day he will decide on his future alone. I would be happy if he becomes a footballer." 

He started his football career in the French club SUC Terrenoire, located in Saint-Étienne. When he was about ten years old, he was noticed by the famous French club AS Saint-Etienne. He never made it to the first team, but played several matches for the reserve team. Is it his dream one day to put on the green canary jersey again?

"It´s not my dream. Today, as always, the only thing that counts for me is my family, I have already realized my dream by becoming a dad. Now I´m just trying to be a good dad and do my job well with FK Senica, for the rest it´s God who decides," said in the end Sofian El Moudane.

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