Gilberto Silva: The people working at FK Senica are great, Madison is in the right hands

Gilberto Silva: The people working at FK Senica are great, Madison is in the right hands

07.08.2019 | Club

Former player of Arsenal London Gilberto Silva told us why he decided to bring his compatriot Madison to our club.

How did you came in contact with Ton Caanen and FK Senica?

I got in touch throughout Frank Trimboli, one of my partners from Base Soccer. 

Why you decided to bring Madison to FK Senica? 

- It’s about a good opportunity to him to have his first experience in Europe. I feel that Senica can be a very good start to him to adapt in Europe and do a great job to help the club which is the most important thing now. 

When will you be satisfied about Madison time playing football in Europe? 

- I hope that he adapt quickly, because I really believe in his potential. I don’t have idea for him to return to Brazil and we spoke about that, and he is very focus to do a good job for Senica and if he does well many good things can happen, we never know. 

What was your first impression about the people of FK Senica and the faculties about our club?

- The people in the club were great, I’m glad about all I saw in the club. Because of that, im sure that Madison will be in good hands.

This deal between Madison and FK Senica was also possible because of the participation from the big Football Agency Base Soccer from London,  can you tell something more about this collaboration?

- I have a long relationship with Base Soccer, I was their client as a player and now we became partners. Frank (Trimboli) and Leon (Angel) are very good friends, and the all team a very good people, that’s why we are a long time together.

As a former player of Arsenal, were you had your biggest success in Europe with a club team, could you tell us what was the most important reason for you at that time as a young player from Brazil (South America) to be successful and what is the main reason when a young player don’t make it to fulfill his dream to be a successful player in Europe? 

- The season 2003-2004 as we say the Invincible time was the best moment . We had a great team in all positions and the other players of the team had a lot of qualities too. When some young player come from Brazil to Europe i believe is important to have the right people to advise and help them at the beginning because everything is new. But is important to learn things fast, such as language, at least the English to make the communication easier. Than is about to work hard and be open mind to learn every day, always be positive , and don’t be afraid to ask questions, ask for help if necessary, and don’t be afraid to failed, but if you failed today try again tomorrow, never give up your dream.

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