Ton Caanen: We want to keep the good atmosphere inside the club

Ton Caanen: We want to keep the good atmosphere inside the club

22.07.2019 | Igor Tabiš

Before the start of the new season we talked with general manager of the club Ton Caanen.

How do you rate the league season 2018/19?

- I rate that OK, it was a long season. We started the pre-season late after purchase the club. So we started the season late to build the team. We actually finish to build the team end of September 2018. So it took us more time then other teams. From the winter we could prepare us much better and were more ready to develop the players and compete better in the league.

Especially second part of the season was for us fantastic. We won 7 consecutive games in a row - what was behind that in your opinion?

- Like I said in the first question, we could prepare the team well and better for the 2nd round and play offs. We brought some players with extra quality what made the team stronger and better. Moreover, the most important decision was to change the tactic and system. After the winter we played good football but we didn´t win. So I (together with my Technical Manger Maurizio Preziosi) informed the coach that we must change something to win games. So first I told the coach to change the system into 1-3-5-2 (with a false right wing-back) and second that we wil start with high pressing so that when we win the ball on the half of the opponent, our strikers and attackers will be more closer to the opponent goal, so it´s easier to score more goals, because in the system before the striker and the attackers needed to defend to far back into the mid-line to win the ball and then the distance was to far to the opponent goal. It was good that the coach listen to us to make this changes. The rest is history, 21 points!! and with very good football and players who develop well and get attention from other clubs, local and abroad.

In the league cup we did also great job, unfortunately we end in semifinal against Spartak - were you proud what this team did in the league cup?

- Yes I was proud, but for me we lost a great opportunity to play the final! We were not good prepared for the away cup-game in Trnava. We won 3 times against Trnava, also very important wins, but I am still feel bad that we didn´t play the final, this should be our year. I can´t easy forget that. But the players did a great job!

Another season is waiting for us - what will be our target in next season?

- The targets in the new season are to improve in all departments in our club structure. To increase in all sportive and financial targets. To keep the great ambiance in or club. We getting more and more attention respect and understanding for our fantastic project. People recognize that we are serious and professionals. We noticed that the last months, how many players want to join our club, agents who contact us and foreign and local clubs who are interested in some of our players.

We will enter to the new season with new coach - why we decided to give a chance to coach Michal Ščasný?

- About signing a new coach is it important for people to understand that we need a coach who fits as much as possible in our project and mine philosophy!! He must commit himself completely to our way of working, not 99% but 100%. The last coach had problems with our project philosophy, my style of working and demanding commitment. I have no problem with a coach who want to build up a good cv and is ambitious, I was myself 20 year a coach on good level, but if you you say yes to our project and you be informed about all what our project means then you must also commit. It is not always easy to work with me, but with me you get someone who has the knowledge and experience what is needed to support a coach in all matters, subjects and difficult moments, because simply, I´ve bin their myself and proved to be successful.

- We wanted first a Spanish speaking coach, because of the many players who speak Spanish and French, but one of our project goals is that the players must learn asap English, 2 times a week they go to English lessons. So for now. almost all those players speak English. Therefore we was also open for another coach. We choose Michal, because he knows our project and knows me because he was my assistant before. He did a good job in Trnava first to support Latal and prepared the team well and after as the head coach. He works hard, tactical strong, knows the league and some of our players. First he was not available, because he had still a contract with Trnava, but football has many times strange moves (smile). Most of all, Michal is aware of the project and my role in this!

Some interesting young players came to our team during the summer break. What are you expecting from them?

- One of the philosophy of our project is to develop our own academy players for the first team (we working hard on that), now Totka made that 1st step and second we want a young team to develop and for future sales. That´s why we didn´t continue with some of our players from last season. They played good, but their ages was not fitting in our project. Therefore we took now many young players. This will take some time but we know what we are doing and to build a good young team. We expect from these players to enjoy playing, feel free to make mistakes, braveness and showing their talent and qualities in a great project. The fact that these younger players chose our club and not other bigger clubs, proof that we do something good.

Some words or message for fans before the next season..

- We are happy to see that at the end of the season more and more fans came to see our games and support the team. That means that they were appreciating what the team shows and the good football we were playing. Now we start again with a new team, younger but hungry for succes. I want that the fans also have hunger for more and come to our games to support these young players with the experience ones. From this place I want to thank the fans for their support last season. Welcome again in the season 2019/2020

- For now I want to thank my management team, the employees and specialty a great thanks to my Technical Manager Maurizio Preziosi who build a great team and finding these players for FKS, my Football Project Manager Henk Theunissen who help me and the club a lot to create a good club constructor and to keep it like that, my Office Manager Andrea Filova, my right hand for many things, works hard and she has the real heart for our club and Geraldine Marin who works with me from the beginning and helps the club and players with so many things! Really thank you. I´ve an important role in the club with a lot of experience and responsibilities, but without my team I can not make it to a big succes!

- At last, one special word to our investor Philip and The Family and Yornick for making this project and the future of FK Senica possible! Without them FK Senica was not existing anymore. I will do all what I can with my fantastic team around me to make this project more and more successful!

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