Tomáš Košút: The team is build well, we will go from match to match

Tomáš Košút: The team is build well, we will go from match to match

15.07.2019 | Igor Tabiš

Our first summer signing became experienced defender Tomáš Košút. With a 29-year-old footballer who start in every match in the summer preseason we spoke before the start of the new league season.

Summer preseason is over. You started in every single match. How do you rate it?

- The preparation was specific, I started in all the matches. It has long been discussed who will become a coach. However, I think that the is build really well.

Senica is your third team here in Slovakia. How do you rate the group in the dressing room?

- The dressing room is good, we get used to ourselves because more new players have come. Something new and interesting is being built here.

During the summer, you left Spartak Trnava. What decided in favor of the offer from Senica?

- The most important was Senica approach - fast and fair negotiation. I saw that I could be for a team I want to help. There are a lot of young players who need advice and, in particular, to help with my performance on the pitch also.

Are you one of the most experienced players in the dressing room - do you feel more responsible in the pitch of that?

- I know I´m an older player. But somehow I do not notice it, I want to do everything for the team in my power on any page.

How do you get used to your new centre-back colleague Robert Dias?

- He´s a great player who plays the his heart. I think we understand each other, but it will be even better.

In the last season you won the Slovnaft Cup with Sparatak Trnava. How do you remember the semi-final double-match against Senica?

- I remember it very well. During the match I got into a little conflict, but sometimes it belongs to football. Every single player protects his teammates and team.

What personal goals do you have in our club? Or what would you enjoy in terms of team success?

- I think the team has a great potential. I don´t want to say it as a cliché, but we´ll go from match to match. But when I say it boldly, I want this team to play peacefully for a European competition. As far as my goals are concerned, I want to help the team, play as many matches as possible and show up to my little son who won´t miss a single match.

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