Ricardo Chéu: We want to raise the support at our home games

Ricardo Chéu: We want to raise the support at our home games

28.05.2019 | Igor Tabiš

Portuguese coach of FK Senica Ricardo Chéu in an interview sum up the successful second part of the season of Fortuna league.

League season 2018/19 is over. How do you rate the spring season of this season?

- It was a pleasure for me. I am proud of the work we have all done together. We did a great job, we worked very hard in the second half of the season. I think we deserve it. We talked often, but we went to our goal, believed it and worked hard.

In the last four league season, this is our best ranking in the table. Are you satisfied with the final 8th place?

-I´m not 100 percent happy. In the last game of the season we wanted to win and add the eighth victory in the row. If that were the case, we could have finished in seventh place. That´s why I think it could have been even better. Our goal was to save ourselves in the league, which of course we managed to meet 100 percent.

Looking at the final table looks nice. But when you arrive to our club a really challenging task was waiting for you.

- All teams have weaker moments during the season. It is always more challenging to implement new ideas and methods into a team after a coach change. We have built a strong team with a good mentality, which is the way we can improve.

From your arrival to the team, you have consistently emphasized the hard work and competition in the team. In particular, this factor seems to have contributed to our rescue at the Fortuna league.

- I believe exactly in this - hard work and competition in the team. If you do not have competition in the team during the training, it will not exist on the day of the match against your opponent. If you work very hard during the week, you can have happiness on your side, that often plays a big role in the game. For every one game we are preparing this way.

Five losses preceded the amazing series of seven consecutive wins in a row. Did you believe that everything turns to better and we start collecting points?

In the superstructure part of the league I set as a coach a goal - to get 23 points. We missed one point. It was really close, we got 22 points. I believed we could do it. I kept repeating it to my players that we could accomplish this goal and save ourselves in the league.

For the second part of the season we were preparing at training camp in Turkey. How important was this training camp?

- It is very important if the team is together. We are not only talking about the duties on the pitch, but also the relationships within the group are important. If we are friends outside the pitch, things are much easier. We also worked on this aspect in Turkey.

The series of invincibility ended in the last round on the Podbrezová pitch. Do you regret this match a lot?

- I want to win in every single game. I felt frustrated after the final whistle. It is true that we were saved, it was our last game of the season but we approached it as if it were the first. We knew that the youngsters who had not much experience at this level would also be involved in the match. Maybe it was a problem, but these players are the future of the club, so they got a chance in the match. We believe in this project in our club.

You mentioned the young players who played in the match - Totka, Caro or Meliš. How important was this match for these young players?

- Of course, it was very important. It´s not the same for the U19 and the first team. Everything is different - dynamics, aggressiveness and quality. It is good for young players, they could understand that there is still a lot to do. It is also the right step for our project. We gave a chance to the players we trust.

What should be done in the summer to build on the performance of the second part of the season 2018/19?

- We must understand that new players will come to the team. We must create a new group and a dynamic in which we will work. Expectations are very high after the second part of the season. At this point, it is most important that people in the city stay close to the club and support it. We want to get more fans to support us on home games. In the spring, it has improved from match to match. It is important for Senica to have a team that will perform in the highest competition in Slovakia. We need the support of all people living in Senica. During the training and matches we will work hard on the pitch to continually improve the club´s situation. My concept of football is always three points in the game - I will always expect it from my players. Believe you can win every single game. This is part of my coaching philosophy.

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