In the penultimate home league game against Spartak Trnava

In the penultimate home league game against Spartak Trnava

03.05.2019 | Igor Tabiš

In the 7th round of the superstructure of the Fortuna League relegation group, we will welcome on the home pitch FC Spartak Trnava.

Four games and the Fortuna League season 2018/19 will be over. In the penultimate home game of this season we will welcome the fresh winner of Slovnaft Cup - FC Spartak Trnava. Right against the team of coach Michal Ščasný, we will want to add the fifth league victory in the series to Saturday´s collection. But the match will not be easy.

"White Angels" became the winner of the 50th anniversary of Slovnaft Cup, when they beat in Nitra footballers of MŠK Žilina. But the win in the cup was not simply born. The Trnava football team was already leading 3-0 in the match, after three goals the opponent was able to equalize the match. The goal did not fall in it and so the winner was decided in the penalty shootout. In penalty shootout became the hero goalkeeper of Trnava Dobrivoj Rusov, who catch Káčer and Boženík attempts. After the league title last year, another tropy was added to Spartak Trnava.

League title, group stage of the European league or Slovak league cup on the one hand, on the other hand the fight in the group of releagation to keep the Fortuna league. This is the current season of our Saturday´s opponent. In the league table, after four wins in a row, only three points are divided from Trnava. Our eventual victory would make the whole fight in the rescue group even more dramatic. While our footballers have accumulated thirteen points in the last five league games, footballers of Spartak have only three of them on the same number of matches. The last mutual league game was also in our favor when, after the perfect header of Roberto Dias we earn three points.

Last four league games:

20.04.2019 FC Spartak Trnava - FK Senica 0:1 (Dias)

20.10.2018 FC Spartak Trnava - FK Senica 4:1 (Miesenboeck 2, Čanturišvili, Grendel - Dias)

21.07.2018 FK Senica - FC Spartak Trnava 1:0 (Čonka - own goal)

24.02.2018 FC Spartak Trnava - FK Senica 1:0 (Ofosu)

Best scorers of both teams:

Roberto Dias - 6 goals

Kubilay Yilmaz - 8 goals

The kickoff is scheduled for 17:00. The match will be led by refeeres Chmura - Hrčka, Hrmo.

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