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20.9.In six-goal match lost against DACSEN - DST 2:4, 7.kolo | RedakceIn the 7th round, we lost againt FC DAC 1904 Dunajská Streda at home pitch.
11.9.Draw againts Zlaté MoravceZMO - SEN 2:2, 6.kolo | RedakceIn the 6th round we led twice on the field of Zlaté Moravce, nevertheless we only take a point from the ViOn arena.
1.9.Convincing victory against Kalinkovo KAL - SEN 0:7, 2.kolo | RedakceIn the 2nd round of the Slovnaft Cup, we confirmed the role of the favorite on the SFC Kalinkovko pitch.
29.8.Goalless draw against FC NitraSEN - NIT 0:0, 5.kolo | RedakceIn the 5th round of the Fortuna League we did not beat FC Nitra on the home pitch despite several promising opportunities.
16.8.First three points in new seasonSEN - MIC 3:0, 3.kolo | RedakceIn the 3rd round of the Fortuna League we beat MFK Zemplin Michalovce at home by three goals.
12.8.Lost by four goals against SeredSER - SEN 4:0, 2.kolo | RedakceIn the 2nd round of the Fortuna League, we lost on the pitch of Zlate Moravce against SKF Sered by four goals.
9.8.Lost by four goals in first game of the new seasonSEN - ZIL 0:4, 1.kolo | RedakceIn the opening round of the new season, the FK Senica footballers lost to the vice-champion by a difference of four goals.
27.7.First game of preseason with win against MalackySEN - FCM 2:0, 1.kolo | RedakceFootballers of FK Senica beat FC Malacky by two goal difference.
27.7.Five goals match against Blansko with a winning endSEN - FKB 3:2, 2.kolo | RedakceFK Senica players beat in saturday´s second game team from Czech Republic FK Blansko.
7.7.Goalless draw against ViOnSEN - ZMO 0:0, 26.kolo | RedakceIn the last home match of this season, we played a goalless draw against FC ViOn Zlaté Moravce-Vráble
29.6.Against Trenčín without pointsSEN - TRE 1:3, 25.kolo | RedakceIn the 3rd round of the superstructure part of Fortuna league, we did not perform well against AS Trenčín on the home ground.
22.6.Against Nitra away from home without pointsNIT - SEN 2:0, 24.kolo | RedakceAgainst FC Nitra in the 2nd round of the superstructure part of the Fortuna league we did not score.
13.6.Tie after a home game against SereďSEN - SER 1:1, 23.kolo | RedakceIn the 1st round of the superstructure of the Fortuna League, we played a draw on the home field against the ŠKF Sereď.
6.6.Win against Spartak Trnava before restart of the leagueSEN - TRN 1:0, 0.kolo | RedakceIn the last training match before the restart of the competition we beat FC Spartak Trnava at home ground.
30.5.Win by one goal differenceSEN - POB 1:0, 0.kolo | RedakceIn the second training match we beat team from second divison - FK Železiarne Podbrezová.
26.5.Goalless draw in training match against SlovanSLO - SEN 0:0, 0.kolo | RedakceTraining match against ŠK Slovan Bratislava at Tehelné pole end goalless.
8.12.Despite very good performance against Žilina without pointsSEN - ZIL 1:2, 18.kolo | Igor TabišIn the 18th round of the league we lost to MŠK Žilina by one goal difference.
1.12.One point from Zlaté Moravce against good performanceZMO - SEN 0:0, 17.kolo | Igor TabišAt 17th round of Fortuna league we took one point from Zlaté Moravce after draw 0:0.
24.11.After great performance against Ružomberok with only one pointRUZ - SEN 2:2, 16.kolo | Igor TabišIn the 16th round of Fortuna league we draw against MFK Ružomberok 2:2.
9.11.Four goal against Michalovce, briliant ofensive performance in the second halfSEN - MIC 4:0, 15.kolo | Igor TabišIn the 15th round of the Fortuna League we beat MFK Zemplín Michalovce at home after briliant performance at the second half 4:0.
2.11.Lost by two goals at Tehelne poleSLO - SEN 2:0, 14.kolo | Igor TabišIn the 14th round of Fortuna league we lost against leader of the league ŠK Slovan Bratislava 2:0.
26.10.Tight lost decide by own goalSEN - SER 0:1, 13.kolo | Igor TabišIn the 13th round of Fortuna league we lost against ŠKF Sereď at home, the match decided own goal ten minutes before the end.
20.10.Five goals at Žilina, three points were decided by captain DiasTRE - SEN 2:3, 12.kolo | Igor TabišIn the 12th round of the Fortuna League we beat the footballers of AS Trenčín 3:2 at Žilina.
6.10.Sofian El Moudane: First six is possible, but without hard work and sacrifice it wont happendIgor TabišSofian El Moudane was one of the main character on the pitch of 11th round against FC Nitra.
5.10.First league win on away pitch, against Nitra we scored four timesNIT - SEN 1:4, 11.kolo | Igor TabišIn the 11th round we beat FC Nitra 4:1.
28.9.A six-point game with a happy ending, decided by AkinyoolaSEN - ZDA 1:0, 10.kolo | Igor TabišIn the 10th round of the Fortuna League, thanks to the closest victory over Pohronie, we got off the last place of the table.
18.9.Important point from the pitch of Spartak TrnavaTRN - SEN 0:0, 9.kolo | Igor TabišIn the 9th round of Fortuna liga we take one point from the stadium of Antona Malatinského against Spartak Trnava.
15.9.Ton Caanen ends as a general manager of the clubClubTon Caanen ends as a general manager of the club
14.9.Lost by one goal against Dunajská StredaSEN - DST 0:1, 8.kolo | Igor TabišIn the 8th round of the Fortuna League we were lost against FC DAC 1904 Dunajská Streda by one goal.
10.9.Six goals against Pezinok and pass to the next round of league cupPEZ - SEN 0:6, 3.kolo | Igor TabišIn the 3rd round of Slovnaft Cup we beat PSČ Pezinok.
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In six-goal match lost against DAC

In six-goal match lost against DAC

20.9. | Redakce
Draw againts Zlaté Moravce

Draw againts Zlaté Moravce

11.9. | Redakce
Convincing victory against Kalinkovo

Convincing victory against Kalinkovo

1.9. | Redakce

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