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V februári 2019 vyšli tieto články:

31.3.Reactions after game against Podbrezová: We deserved three points, now we need to focus on the cupSEN - POB 0:0, 24.kolo | Igor TabišThere were no three points in the sixth league match in spring, against Podbrezová the goalless draw was born.
30.3.The first point in spring, a goalless draw against PodbrezováSEN - POB 0:0, 24.kolo | Igor TabišIn the second round of the Fortuna League relegation group, spectators did not see the goal against Podbrezová.
29.3.On Saturday at home against Podbrezová SEN - POB 0:0, 24.kolo | Igor TabišIn the second round of the superstructure part of the league we are going to play against FK Železiarne Podbrezová.
28.3.Two our players will play in Egypt at the African Cup of NationsIgor TabišDesire Ségbé and Zezinho will play at the final tournament of the African Cup of Nations 2019.
27.3.Lukáš Kučera among the award-winning athletes of SenicaIgor TabišFootball player FK Senica Lukáš Kučera awarded the city at the event of the year 2018.
22.3.Draw in test-match against 1.SC ZnojmoSEN - ZNO 3:3, 0.kolo | Igor TabišToday we draw at home stadium with Czech second league team 1.SC Znojmo.
16.3. Unsuccessful start to the superstructure part of the league, lose against Zlate MoravceZMO - SEN 3:2, 23.kolo | Igor TabišIn the 1st round of the superstructure part of the league we lost by the goal in the injury time.
15.3.Lost by one goal against the leader of the leagueSEN - SLO 1:2, 22.kolo | Igor TabišIn the last round of the basic part of the Fortuna League we scored the first goal in the second half of the season, but it was not enough for the points.
15.3.Six goals, four goals hero Ramirez and qualified for the semifinal of the league cupSEN - NIT 5:1, 6.kolo | Igor Tabiš
6.3.Great performance against strong opponent, but we did not get not even a pointDST - SEN 1:0, 21.kolo | Igor Tabiš In the 21st round of Fortuna league, we concede a goal in 97th minute against strong team of FC DAC 1904 Dunajská Streda.
4.3.Žilina won the match with one accurate free kickSEN - ZIL 0:1, 20.kolo | Igor TabišDespite the great performance we did not take any point of the match against MSK Zilina.
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